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Studio 88 Music

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What is in a name?
There are 88 keys on the piano, and so began Studio 88.

What is Studio 88?

Studio 88 is a private (one on one) music instruction studio. When Studio 88 first opened in 2000 we were in a one room studio with a few chairs, one piano and one piano instructor. Every year we have grown bigger in size and staff. Our one room Studio has grown into a warm and inviting 5 room studio that now offers 13 talented music instructors. We have out grown our space at our Medical Center location so instead of expanding our one location we have just recently opened a new Stone Oak location which is rapidly building.

Our Philosophy

Here at Studio 88 our goal is to instruct music in a manner that makes learning fun. Have you ever noticed how times seems to fly by when you are having fun and how you put more effort into what you are doing? We feel that the best way to stimulate the mind is also to stimulate the hearts passion. "Once learned, twice enjoyed!"